We’re Leaving Today!

Well, tonight we board Qantas and begin our long journey back to Papua New Guinea. Seems like yesterday we arrived home to the cold and snow, and today the temp is 99 degrees. Of course that is cooler than the 109 when we arrived in TX. We will have 3 flights one after another until we finally arrive in Lae on August 10, to stop, drop and shop for a few days before the drive back to Wau. What will we miss the most: parents, our children, 9 grand kids, the birth of #10 in January, high speed Internet, and roads where you can use cruise control! Why do we return again? Because God said to GO! So as we leave know that you are close in our hearts. Thank you for your love, prayers, and support you have given to us. We will keep in touch with more happenings of the Smiths in...

Goodbyes for now!

Joy comes with hellos and much rejoicing, but saying goodbyes are so much harder! Yes, today was the last night with my parents for awhile. One last hug and kiss and soon only long distance visits via email and phone calls. As we leave, we know that God is still in control, holding each of us in His holy hands. His ways are perfect, so we can return to PNG resting on His great promises. Thank you all for your continued prayers for both my Dad and Mom, Junior and Betty Campbell. Truly it will be hard to leave them, our kids, our 9 precious grand children, our brothers and sisters, as well as loved ones and friends.

Successful Blogging Session!

I am thankful that John did not give up on me! Yes, I am actually writing my first blog by myself and hopefully I will make sense at this hour of the night! In just days we will be heading back to PNG and the home where God has called us. Our brothers and sisters in Christ are anxiously awaiting our return. Thanks for praying for us as we complete our packing, sorting, and saying goodbyes to our loved ones here in the States. Goodnight to you all! Oh, yes, thanks John!

John has me bloggin on ipad now

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