Possible Vehicle Located

How many years have we been praying and asking everyone to pray with us in locating a better used vehicle? Seems like forever but really only about 4 years. Well, The Lord has opened the door through another missionary that is leaving the field headed back to the States. As of yet I have not seen the vehicle, but have talked with the owner and next week I plan on going to see it myself. It is a Toyota Hylux Double cab truck. Just the type of vehicle that we have been praying to purchase. We are trusting The Lord to supply the remaining needed funds for this vehicle. When purchased, we would need an additional $10,000, which we will have to borrow. We know that many have said they were going to help with the vehicle fund, so if anyone is impressed to do so, we would greatly appreciate this. We truly fill that The Lord has placed the vehicle in our path for such a time as this.

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