Answered Prayers!

We have been blessed with several answered prayers!

Francesca Tomaing had her surgery and is healing nicely. All stitches have been removed and the area is dry with no signs if infection. When we talked, she was in good spirits and doing laundry! Her blood work came back with no signs of cancer. She will be having scans done on Thursday. This will determine if she is clear to return to Wau or undergo chemo treatments. She thanks everyone for the many prayers for her.

Work permits and Visas were approved for Jim Blume and our new missionaries Karen Marvin and Kenny and Kalie Keck! Karen Marvin will be arriving in PNG on March 22! We are thankful to Pastor Holmes who walked the paperwork through the government offices in Port Moresby. He was another blessing to us missionaries!

The Lord is so good and we rejoice in Him!

Thanks for your continued prayers for us here.

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