The Lord is Blessing

Where do we begin with so many blessings coming our way. In Banglum last Sunday, Marcus Malo asked the Lord to come into his heart. Then on Thursday during Religious Instruction classes, there were 13 saved in grade 5-6 boys class and 5 saved in grade 5-6 girls class! We are rejoicing in these precious ones coming to know the Lord. Today I will be going to Kilolo Baptist Church, and Martha and Karen Marvin will be going with me. We look forward to being with these dear people and seeing the Lord work in hearts and lives. Thank you for your continued prayers for us and the work here in PNG!

Prayers Answered for Francesca Aldan

On Sunday evening, Francesca and family arrived home from Port Moresby. All of her blood work and scans returned all clear for cancer. She went back to work at the mine’s office on Monday. She is in great spirits and praising The Lord. She wants to thank everyone for your many prayers for her and family.