Prayers Needed

When we arrived home Friday evening from Teresa’s funeral, we got another phone call telling us that Pastor Frances’ daughter, Leslie, had died in Lae. Pastor Frances and his wife, Lena, are over Redemption Baptist Church in Pine Tops. This is the first village church we began in 1982. Please pray for this dear family. They had 4 children–they had a child die from sickness in 2009 while attending Bible school, Nancy died a few years ago when a huge stone fell on her head from landslide and now Leslie. Desmond is the last remaining child. When we went to be with them on Sunday, Lena exclaimed, “No matter what comes our way, we will keep serving The Lord!” May our faith be this strong, no matter what trials may come our way!

Pray also for the Youth Camp meeting that will be hosted by Redemption Baptist Church on September 14-16. There will be a great host of young people attending and so many need to be saved. The Pastor and church refused to cancel the meeting regardless of their time of sorrow. We believe The Lord will do great things during this time.

Thanks for your prayers!

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