Saying Goodbye to Sister Teresa Lupin Malong

Saying goodbye is never easy. On Thursday, September 4, we arrived with the family for funeral services being held in Baiwaga. After the viewing of body, with much wailing, Luther preached what was always in Tresa’s heart–be saved today!

Following the service, we left with her body and traveled to Manga for burial. All night her body was mourned and many tears were shed. Around 2:00pm, Friday, September 5, Teresa was laid to rest beside her father and mother. Luther again preached the graveside service. The Lord worked in hearts and lives of family and friends in those two days, so was said in Hebrews 11:4 of Abel, “…he obtained witness that he was righteous, God testifying of his gifts: and by it he being dead yet speaketh.” Yes, Teresa, too, was a true witness and because of that, she still spoke to hearts and lives though dead! Wanted to share the last scene of her final resting place on this earth as the service came to a close. God’s awesomeness surrounded us all.

Continue to pray for God’s peace for family and the salvation for others!


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