Happy New Year from Smiths in PNG

We wanted to wish you all a blessed 2014. The Lord has worked so many blessings in 2013, and we look forward to serving together in 2014 as your ambassadors in Papua New Guinea. Tomorrow is January 1, and we will begin a new year of service here. May The Lord bless you all as we serve Him together!

Special Prayer Request!

Pray for Francisca Tomaing Aldan. Tomorrow morning, December 22, she will be undergoing surgery in Port Moresby. The surgery is extensive for cancer in her breast and ovaries. Please lift her up in your prayers. She is married to Jeffrey and they have 4 small children. Her and their whole family need your prayers! Thank you!

Happy Thanksgiving!

May your Thanksgiving Day be a blessed one for all of you today! We are truly thankful for His watch care over us each and every day! His faithfulness is is a daily blessing beyond compare. We are thankful for our family whom we love so much, as well as our many friends around the world. May this day be one of thankfulness as you gather with family, friends and loved ones. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all!

Tribal Fighting Halted or Not?

November 19 Update: Things seem to have calmed down a bit in Bulolo. They have allowed some cars to go through, but things are still uneasy in town. Everything remains closed down, only opening the grocery store for half of day. We heard that talks were going on in Lae with the Governor of Morobe and other officials, but not sure of any results as of yet. Just keep praying for our Christians in Bulolo and others living in that area that peace will soon be restored. We finally got our power back after being without for 52 hours! Makes you thankful when it comes back on to stay! With roads cut off due to fighting other things have suffered, like our Digicel coverage for mobile phones and email access. We are just taking one day at a time, and waiting on the Lord. The work continues regardless, and we are both busy in our separate schools! We will have one to Graduate from Wau Christian School on December 4. Jodie Tia will complete grade 12 and walk the isle to receive her diploma. Her Dad, Pastor Tania Tia, started this school in 1998, and his desire was to see all of his children graduate from a Christian school. Jodie is his baby, and I know he will be watching from Heaven’s grandstand! Thanks for praying for our school children. Pray especially for their salvation, and willingness to follow and surrender their all to Him. Thanks for your continued prayers for us here! November 21 Update: Yesterday everything in Bulolo was open and Luther was able to go there to pickup mail and go to the bank. Things were quiet but tense. All government schools in Wau were closed down as of yesterday because of the trouble between so many tribal conflicts. We are doing well, but trusting The Lord each day and continue to lean on Him! A blessing is that the sub-tower for Digicel has been refueled and we now have an internet connection! God is Good all the...

Prayer needed as Tribal Fighting continues!

During the past week there has been sever tribal fighting in Bulolo between the Watuts and Waria’s. There have been 19 killed and the fighting continues. The road is blockaded from Pine Top Bridge on Wau side and on the other side as you leave Bulolo. Traffic can not enter this area. There has been no indication of a resolution. Please pray for this situation and the safety of our Christians that are living in Bulolo. We are cut off here in Wau. Also this week we have had sever power outages and Roy Babe, the only electrician in Wau, is having to have police escorts to even find the problems. Power has been off all today and not sure when it will return. Your prayers for us are truly appreciated, as we know not what events may occur tomorrow. We do know that God will triumph! Through it...

Answered Prayer

For years we have been praying for a newer vehicle that would not need repairs every time it is taken out on the road. Most of the used cars we have seen were in worse condition than we have. Last month we heard that a missionary was having to leave the field and was trying to sell his vehicle before he left. He had been trying to sell it for several weeks when we received an email telling us about a 2011 Toyota Hylux double cab truck for sale. It has a turbo Diesel engine with only 15,000km! We now have the truck in our possession. We believe this a answer to our prayers. Please continue to pray that the funding will come continue to come in, as we had to borrow money to finish paying off the vehicle. We want to thank all of you that have already given to make this great need come to pass!...

Land of the “Unexpected”

PNG is known as the “Land of the Unexpected,” when in fact life in general can be that way, especially on the mission field. What do you generally do in order to plan on a trip to the grocery store, the bank, to see a doctor, or to even pick up car parts? Well, here it means packing for a few days in preparation for a 4-5 hour drive to get to those places. That is what happened to us this week. On Wednesday night we packed up to head to Lae early on Thursday morning planning on staying through Sunday. Luther had been asked to preach at Liberty Baptist Church. We planned on heading back to Wau after services that afternoon. So at 7am we were on the road, venturing out for the long, bumpy road ahead where you rarely get out of second gear most of the trip. But remember this road to Lae is only about 50 miles total. It took about 1 hour and 15 minutes to get to Bulolo, but it was a struggle to get there due to the Toyota not having much power. It seems that there was a problem with the fuel filter–water in the fuel maybe? Anyway, we arrive in Bulolo and the problem just seemed to get worse instead of better. Luther wanted to go somewhere safe to check it out, so we went back to the Bulolo airstrip and sat there about 1 1/2 hours while some men came over and helped him. They bled the lines and the car was a bit better, so we decided to return to Wau. Did The Lord direct us away from going to Lae for some reason we could not see? In Proverbs 16:9 it says, “A man’s heart deviseth his way: but The Lord directeth his steps.” Once we left Bulolo and got onto the back forestry road, the truck began running smoothly, but we continued home arriving safely. We unpacked and Luther decided he would return to Lae on Saturday for the Sunday service there. Well, as planned, Luther left this morning at 6am and arrived in Bulolo to find a tree had fallen across the main road. Well, that happens some times, and he thought nothing about it. He turned the truck and decided to go through the back road to get into Bulolo and continue that way. About half way there the way was again blocked by another fallen tree. At that time he saw some church members of Bulolo Baptist Church and talked with them only to find out there was a big tribal fight going on between two clans. Luther saw men running past with their bush knives and other weapons. As he had no idea how long this would continue, he returned to Wau again knowing he would not make the services in Lae as planned. Life seems to be like this–we make plans and then we leave those plans in the Lord’s hands. If a door shuts, we wait for the timing to be right to try again. We thank God for His guidance in our day to day...