Home going of Pastor Tia

Today at 11:00am, Pastor Tania Tia went home to be with The Lord. He faithfully served The Lord at Wau Baptist Church. Please pray for his family and church.

Visas in Hand!

Luther is in Lae and due back today. He now has our passports back in hand with our new PERMANENT RESIDENT VISAS stamped inside! He was rejoicing when he called with the good news. Pastor Holmes picked up our passports and applications when we arrived in Port Moresby on August 10. He then walked it through migration getting it approved and stamped and mailed on to us. It was a long process, but worth it to us. We are thankful for the willingness of Pastor Holmes to help us in this special way. Thank you all for your prayers!

Good New from a Far Country

It is our first Sunday back in Wau, and this morning we received a phone call from Bro. Gu in Baiwaga. He called to tell us the works started in Baiwaga, Manga and Zenag are all going forward for The Lord! He is going into some far away villages this week to pass out tracts and witness. Please pray that God will bless his efforts and hearts will be opened in this area. This morning we will attend services at Wau Baptist Church. We look forward more blessings to come! God is good all the time!

Finally Home in Wau!

This evening we finally arrived back in Wau! First we were greeted by our dog, Max, and then all the teachers came to the house to give us hugs and a big welcome home! It was great to have the extra hands to help carry everything into the house! Tomorrow begins the BIG JOB of cleaning 6 months of dust and bugs before unpacking. Nawaso, Waime, Rueben, Luther and myself will be on the job early. Do you ever wonder how things can be working when you leave, but be broke when you return? Well, Satan knows how to try to discourage, but we know Christ is still on the throne and He wants us here. Taking things one day at a time, hoping to be back at our schools within one week–Bible school and Wau Christian. Luther will need to get vehicles up and running, as well as the water in the kitchen, along with lots of other maintenance jobs! We are anxious to be in the work. We appreciate your continued prayers as we begin this new term of...

Safe in Lae, PNG!

Good Morning from Lae! Yes, we arrived safely with all suitcases and nothing lost! That was truly a blessing. Every flight from Dallas went smoothly. We enjoyed 2 days with Eugene and Angie Charpia before leaving the USA. It turned out to be a time of catching up on computer work for us all. Thank you for the great visit! If I could describe how we felt at this moment it would be best expressed in Pidgin: “Mipela i gat tupela bel.” Our hearts are divided for our love of family in the USA and our spiritual family in PNG. What brings us back? Our love for The Lord and His Call for us to GO AGAIN! Thank you all for your prayers for us, your love and help for us as we were home with you, and your continued love and support for us while in Papua New Guinea. THANK YOU...