Safe in Lae, PNG!

Good Morning from Lae! Yes, we arrived safely with all suitcases and nothing lost! That was truly a blessing. Every flight from Dallas went smoothly. We enjoyed 2 days with Eugene and Angie Charpia before leaving the USA. It turned out to be a time of catching up on computer work for us all. Thank you for the great visit!

If I could describe how we felt at this moment it would be best expressed in Pidgin: “Mipela i gat tupela bel.” Our hearts are divided for our love of family in the USA and our spiritual family in PNG. What brings us back? Our love for The Lord and His Call for us to GO AGAIN!

Thank you all for your prayers for us, your love and help for us as we were home with you, and your continued love and support for us while in Papua New Guinea. THANK YOU ALL!

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