Tribal Fighting Halted or Not?

November 19 Update: Things seem to have calmed down a bit in Bulolo. They have allowed some cars to go through, but things are still uneasy in town. Everything remains closed down, only opening the grocery store for half of day. We heard that talks were going on in Lae with the Governor of Morobe and other officials, but not sure of any results as of yet. Just keep praying for our Christians in Bulolo and others living in that area that peace will soon be restored.

We finally got our power back after being without for 52 hours! Makes you thankful when it comes back on to stay! With roads cut off due to fighting other things have suffered, like our Digicel coverage for mobile phones and email access. We are just taking one day at a time, and waiting on the Lord.

The work continues regardless, and we are both busy in our separate schools! We will have one to Graduate from Wau Christian School on December 4. Jodie Tia will complete grade 12 and walk the isle to receive her diploma. Her Dad, Pastor Tania Tia, started this school in 1998, and his desire was to see all of his children graduate from a Christian school. Jodie is his baby, and I know he will be watching from Heaven’s grandstand! Thanks for praying for our school children. Pray especially for their salvation, and willingness to follow and surrender their all to Him.

Thanks for your continued prayers for us here!

November 21 Update: Yesterday everything in Bulolo was open and Luther was able to go there to pickup mail and go to the bank. Things were quiet but tense. All government schools in Wau were closed down as of yesterday because of the trouble between so many tribal conflicts. We are doing well, but trusting The Lord each day and continue to lean on Him!

A blessing is that the sub-tower for Digicel has been refueled and we now have an internet connection! God is Good all the time!

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