Closing of Wau Christian School

Another year of school has come to a close. On Wednesday, December 3, we held our Graduation/Closing program. This year we had 5 graduates: Lillie Mae Bilex-grade 12 and 4 grade 10 graduates–Natasha Biru, Rasio Mangan, Donna Sihong and Grace Yak. We have had these girls with us since first grade, and we have had the privilege to see them grow and mature educationally as well as spiritually. We are thankful for each one and will pray for them as they go forth into their future. Thank you for being a part of this ministry!...

Youth Camp held at Redemption Baptist

Many of you were praying for this special meeting that was held on September 14-16, at Redemption Baptist Church. The week before the meeting the Pastor’s family suffered the loss of their eldest daughter. They determined to hold the meeting regardless, and the Lord blessed abundantly! 24 were saved and 3 surrendered their lives over to the Lord. We are so thankful for this tremendous blessing to the lives of the young people and for the church that hosted the meeting. This church is so special to us, as it was the very first village work we began in 1981, previously called “Tin Bisket Baptist Church.” What a joy to see how the Lord has blessed the people there. Thanks for...

Prayers Needed

When we arrived home Friday evening from Teresa’s funeral, we got another phone call telling us that Pastor Frances’ daughter, Leslie, had died in Lae. Pastor Frances and his wife, Lena, are over Redemption Baptist Church in Pine Tops. This is the first village church we began in 1982. Please pray for this dear family. They had 4 children–they had a child die from sickness in 2009 while attending Bible school, Nancy died a few years ago when a huge stone fell on her head from landslide and now Leslie. Desmond is the last remaining child. When we went to be with them on Sunday, Lena exclaimed, “No matter what comes our way, we will keep serving The Lord!” May our faith be this strong, no matter what trials may come our way! Pray also for the Youth Camp meeting that will be hosted by Redemption Baptist Church on September 14-16. There will be a great host of young people attending and so many need to be saved. The Pastor and church refused to cancel the meeting regardless of their time of sorrow. We believe The Lord will do great things during this time. Thanks for your...

Saying Goodbye to Sister Teresa Lupin Malong

Saying goodbye is never easy. On Thursday, September 4, we arrived with the family for funeral services being held in Baiwaga. After the viewing of body, with much wailing, Luther preached what was always in Tresa’s heart–be saved today! Following the service, we left with her body and traveled to Manga for burial. All night her body was mourned and many tears were shed. Around 2:00pm, Friday, September 5, Teresa was laid to rest beside her father and mother. Luther again preached the graveside service. The Lord worked in hearts and lives of family and friends in those two days, so was said in Hebrews 11:4 of Abel, “…he obtained witness that he was righteous, God testifying of his gifts: and by it he being dead yet speaketh.” Yes, Teresa, too, was a true witness and because of that, she still spoke to hearts and lives though dead! Wanted to share the last scene of her final resting place on this earth as the service came to a close. God’s awesomeness surrounded us all. Continue to pray for God’s peace for family and the salvation for others!...

Home Going of Tresa Gu

This morning, September 2, at 2:10am, Tresa Gu went home to be with The Lord. Many of you have been praying for her as we have. Last week she rallied and was sitting up, talking a bit and recognizing those around her. We came to Lae to visit her, and as Martha sat beside her she reached over and rubbed her arm. We have worked with them in their village Baiwaga, and Gu and Tresa have been working with me in church planting in surrounding villages . Tresa was a true witness for the her Savior and will be greatly missed by us all. Our prayers were answered, and she has been healed! Continue to pray for her husband, Gu, the family and the villages where they served so faithfully.

Revival Meeting

Please pray for Wau Baptist Church as they begin their Revival Meeting on June 24-27. Missionary Kenny Keck will be this years speaker. Pray for souls to be saved and Christians to be drawn closer to Him. Without a pastor there is a tendency to drift and to allow dissension among the brethren. Please pray for true revival to come upon us all!

The Lord is Blessing

Where do we begin with so many blessings coming our way. In Banglum last Sunday, Marcus Malo asked the Lord to come into his heart. Then on Thursday during Religious Instruction classes, there were 13 saved in grade 5-6 boys class and 5 saved in grade 5-6 girls class! We are rejoicing in these precious ones coming to know the Lord. Today I will be going to Kilolo Baptist Church, and Martha and Karen Marvin will be going with me. We look forward to being with these dear people and seeing the Lord work in hearts and lives. Thank you for your continued prayers for us and the work here in PNG!