Ministry Goals

  • Training Nation Pastors
  • Church Planting
  • Soul Winning
  • Children’s Ministry
  • Christian Education


The Lord continues to bless us here in the ministry where we have served since February of 1980.  Since we first arrived in Papua New Guinea, our ministry goals have remained the same, as well as our doctrinal beliefs and conservative stand in our lives.

The main emphasis of our ministry has always been church planting.  In 1982, I helped establish our first village church in an area called Tin Bisket.  Today this church, Redemption Baptist, is still going strong for the Lord.  On January 15-18th, 2004, they hosted the annual Pastor’s conference for all of the Baptist churches in the Morobe Province.  It was a big event and I, another co-worker, and many other national pastors will be involved in this 4-day meeting.  The leaders of Redemption Baptist did an excellent job in preparing for this meeting.  Almost 50 pastors and their wives, along with many laymen of God have been attending these meetings as well.  On the 3rd morning, the spirit of the Lord moved among us, and 10 men stepped forward surrendering their lives to the Lord and saying that they would be coming to the Bible school in Wau to prepare for the ministry.  By the end of the meeting, we saw 17 people saved.  Many tears were shed and brethren embraced sharing the love of Christ among each other.  We praise God that the pastors, their wives, as well as the laymen have been strengthened and encouraged in the Lord, thus allowing them to return to their churches with a new zeal for the Lord!  What a blessing it was to see so many pastors whom I have taught in the Bible school and have encouraged in the ministry over the years.  We rejoice that so many remain faithful in the work of the Lord!  Thank you for being a part of this ministry.

Since then I have been instrumental in establishing eight other village churches and have helped strengthen and encourage many other baby churches that have begun in areas started by Christians saved in Wau or by Bible school students that have gone back into their own villages to begin new works.

Another key ministry that I have been involved in since our arrival in Wau is the Baptist Bible Training Center.  One of the most rewarding things in our ministry is training nationals to become pastors in our Bible school.  This has truly brought great results in our ministry.  We invest 2-3 years in training these men and they in turn go out and reach their own villages by starting churches and evangelizing their areas.  God has been so faithful in this ministry.  Most of our students who attend are married, so their wives also attend all of the classes with their husbands.  This equips both husband and wives for the ministry wherein God has called them.  Through this Bible school, which began in 1963, under pioneer missionary Charles Moseley, over 50% of all national Baptist pastors have been trained in our Bible school.  We give all the honor and glory for this great testimony to our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Evangelism is another aspect of our ministry.  With our Bible school students, we involve them in all of the ministries of the local church.  Each weekend the students are out in the villages either with me, with the other missionaries or as they begin their second year, on their own preaching in various villages.  We also involve the students in the RI Classes in the public schools as well.  A market ministry is also encouraged as a way to reach the people of Wau.

During the week, I am also involved in the Religious Instruction Classes held in the public schools in Wau.  Each week we are allowed one hour to instruct the students in Bible classes as well as memorization of God’s Word.  We are also free to give an open invitation to the Gospel.  This is a true open door in reaching the young people of this nation.  At this time, we feel we are reaching over 250 students in all of the schools in Wau.

Another ministry God has given me is taking Gospel films into the villages.  Many villagers will not attend the Baptist church, but they will come to special meetings if there is a film being shown.  This is another opportunity to present the Gospel to many who would never hear His Word.

Martha is involved in ministries with the children and women of Wau and Bulolo.  She is also working in the Wau Christian School, which began in 1998 by Wau Baptist Church, as principal, administrator and teacher.  This is a daily challenge for her as she seeks wisdom in helping the other teachers as well as the students throughout the school.  Martha also does clinic work, helping those to come to us with various medical needs.

We continue to find personal enjoyment and satisfaction from being in God’s perfect will for our lives and knowing that we could not be happy anywhere us.  Satisfaction is also felt in seeing people come to know the Lord; following Him in their daily lives even when there is great opposition to many and watching them grow and remain faithful over the years.  Many of these baby Christians are now some of our strongest Christians in the work here.  These are surely things to bring joy into our lives.

Your Ambassadors in Papua New Guinea,

Luther & Martha Smith